Guide to Flood Relief, Recovery, and Assistance

Offers and declarations made by the NSW Government for flood relief and recovery in Sydney so far.

As devastating floods hit the country’s east coast, many homes and businesses succumbed to it within hours. The team at Accounts Automated wants to extend their deepest condolences to all those who suffered at the hands of this deadly downpour.

While the rescue crews and government bodies have already stepped into the recovery phase, many still struggle to find the required help.

A number of government departments have announced assistance and recovery packages. Here are a few of them which might help you or the ones in distress around you.

Business Support

Businesses affected by the floods in certain areas of NSW may be eligible for Disaster Recovery Assistance.

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Early Access to Superannuation

As per the Australian Taxation Office, individuals affected by the catastrophe may be eligible for early access to super on the grounds of severe financial hardship. ATO has however earned all the citizens to be careful of the fraudulent activities in these unprecedented times. Do not share your personal information with anyone claiming to help you get your super released early.

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Assistance by the banks

Many banks have come forward to help their customers in these difficult circumstances. You can check if your bank is providing any form of financial assistance for flood relief and recovery in Sydney by checking the list prepared by the Australian Banking Association.

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Licenses, Official & Personal Documents Recovery

If any of your licenses, official or personal documents have been lost or damaged in floods, you can now apply for their recovery.

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Disaster Assistance Finder

For a more tailored approach, the NSW government has devised a survey that you can fill to find out what type of assistance you are eligible for flood relief and recovery in Sydney.

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In these difficult times, we want to accommodate you as much as we can. Feel free to reach out to us. 

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