Get to know your business

During our first meeting, we learn the dynamics of your business and streamline how our working relationship will be like. We jot down the things and responsibilities that will be involved and how these will together in the masterpiece (Your Business). Prepare yourself to answer a million questions because this step really allows us to go evaluate your business and see where to go next.


Get | Set | Go

First, we will see if you already have an accounting system? We’ll see how that was doing and do a comprehensive assessment of the whole set up. There will be a thorough analysis to determine whether you need start fresh or do some tweaks to your current system? After this, we bring in our magic wand and let you witness the magic we’re about to do.


Final Formalities! We’re ready to take over

We do a detailed analysis of your set up, take all your accounting needs into consideration, and create a customized quotation suited to your accounting requirements. We’ll throw the ball in your court so you can have a good look at the proposal, adjust the terms or just simply give us a high-five (recommended). Then, we move on to the next step.

Let's make it happen

Time for you to lay back and relax

When all the formalities have been done and you formally accept our proposal, our team will start our accounting engines. We start gathering all the required information, prepare a plan-of-action and schedule our first client success call. Your time to lay back and relax has officially started.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Ready to get started?

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